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CL Electrical Controls supply products and services to the BEMS, Mobile Telecommunications and Renewable Energy sectors throughout the UK. Our fully integrated systems use market leading technology to meet the exacting requirements of our clients.

Founded in 1976, we design and manufacture in the UK and have consistently grown our business to meet the needs of the expanding sectors we deal with. We have a strong reputation within the industry for quality, accuracy and reliability.

We have a dedicated Research and Development program with in-house electrical and environmental testing facilities that allow us to design, build and prototype new products quickly to reduce the time it takes to get to market whilst maintaining our highest standards of quality.

As a forward thinking business we believe that our products and services should not just simply control and monitor electrical systems effectively but also efficiently. By offering reductions in energy and CO2 emissions through careful product selection and our energy management service, our clients can have confidence in our ability to deliver a reliable solution that has minimum impact on the environment.

We understand that every business is different so we engage with each client to discuss and agree which products and services are best suited to their requirements.

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